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Ukrainians hoping for peace

Ukrainians hoping for peace

“Hope dies last,” a CAM contact shared. “I see it again and again—people who lost so much, but still keep hoping. . . . hoping for peace, for the light of sunrise, and for a new life.”

Ukraine conflict approaches its one-year mark

Ukraine conflict approaches its one-year mark

The Ukraine conflict approaches its one-year mark the end of this month and is tragically still in full steam. Tanks, missiles, and fighter jets have become the norm in certain areas of the country. What is left of some towns and villages is only about ten percent of...

Experience the pain in Ukraine

Experience the pain in Ukraine

Anya Hursh, shares the pain in Ukraine. The food parcel project mentioned in this report is a effort of several Anabaptist organizations.

Ukraine war crisis, Christian Aid Ministries


CAM is providing firewood and other heating assistance for people in Ukraine.
Food for Ukrainian


CAM provides food and other assistance to people inside Ukraine and surrounding countries.

101 Bible given to child.


CAM seeks to spread the Word of God at a time when people are searching for hope. The Ukraine conflict is another opportunity to spread the Gospel.

My daughter and I spent a whole month hiding in our cellar. Whenever we thought it was safe enough to come out the bombing would start again. We got so cold in the cellar. Yesterday we were able to get a ride out of the city.

- A Ukrainian refugee

Little girl receiving aid in war-torn Yemen

The people in Ukraine are suffering the horrors of war

Ukraine, a country bordering Russia, is being ravaged by war. Conflict has been simmering in the region since 2014, but the situation escalated to a full-blown war in early 2022. As a result, thousands of people have died and millions are facing shortages of food, water, and vital supplies. The Ukraine crisis leaves more than half of the population struggling to find enough to eat.

There are no official reports confirming how many people have died. Over 6.5 million people have left Ukraine while an estimated 8 million have been displaced within the country.

Our goal is to distribute basic necessities such as food, firewood, and literature to the people as they fight to survive in this war-torn country.


14.5 million

Ukrainians fled their homes since the war began.

5.3 million

Children are displaced from their homes.

16 million

Are in need of humanitarian assistance.