One-time Donation

See our program list to choose how you would like to make a one-time contribution.

Monthly Sponsorships

An organized, personalized way of giving

A CAM sponsorship:

  • Enables you to give easily and regularly
  • Connects you personally with the program of your choice
  • Provides reliable aid for struggling communities, families, or individuals
  • Helps CAM to operate with more efficiency and vision

By giving a set donation amount monthly or yearly, sponsors help CAM regularly ship and distribute Bibles, food, clothing, medicine, Christian literature, and other needed items to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central America, Africa, Asia, and other places.

You can donate monthly or give for a year at a time. If you prefer, we can set up an automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account. If at any time you wish to discontinue your sponsorship, you are under no obligation to continue.

Any of CAM’s 50-plus programs can become your personal monthly sponsorship. Choose from a list of programs via the button below to learn more about them or to sign up for a monthly sponsorship.