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to help needy people around the world.

We live in a world of suffering. Millions are unable to provide for even their basic needs. Your contributions make a difference for abandoned orphans, needy widows, refugees, and many others who are in need of physical and spiritual help. Explore over 40 programs to find the ones that connect with you.

You can choose from the featured programs below or scroll down to see our entire list of programs. Your contributions are very much appreciated! God bless you.

Where Needed Most



The Where-Needed-Most (WNM) program is our general support category. Funds are used in CAM aid programs and for general administration and fundraising expenses. This is a great category for those who wish to give, but are not sure which programs to support.

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Warm-A-Family Program

Favorite Stories from the Bible

CAM’s Bible story books have been translated into 75 languages, making it possible to reach many people groups. Some of these groups have never heard the Gospel.

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Your support is making a difference!

“With your help, you drew a smile on the boys’ faces.”


Mother of wheelchair recipients

“I used to go to my neighbor’s house and get their Bible for a while and then return it . . . I am so happy to have a copy of my own Bible in my hand…Thank you for this wonderful gift!”

Bible recipient

from restricted country

“Our hearts are full of gratitude to God and you for the opportunity to build this greenhouse to work together with all of my family.”


Family-Self-Support recipient

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“Reading of the great needs of others makes us aware of how greatly blessed we are even though we are struggling financially right now with illness in the family.”