Donation Poster Kits

Looking for ways to generate offerings from your vacation Bible school, Sunday school, homeschool, or classroom? Want to help your students learn about needs in other parts of the world while giving them an opportunity to help? Consider our 12 FREE offering kits!

Each kit includes a full-color poster with photos and text about a CAM project, a large chart to tally offerings, stickers to place on the chart, and a bookmark for each child to take home. The children will enjoy seeing stickers of Bible story books, building supplies, and hungry children pile up as the offerings increase.

Short slide presentations are also available on CD to go with your kit. The presentations include pictures and a voice recording about the featured program.

To order any of our kits or CDs, you can use the order form at the bottom of this page or call us at 330-893-2428. Please place your order early so we can process it efficiently.

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Billboard Evangelism

Gives children an opportunity to help tell people in the United States about Jesus and the Bible. Stickers reveal a billboard message. This is a great project for families or churches to do together. A free mini billboard is included with this kit. 19″ x 19” poster • 45″ x 18″ chart

Save-A-Life! Chart-w-stickers


This project provides nutritional products for malnourished children who don’t have enough to eat or lack a balanced diet. Each sticker equals $15 of nutritional products for children in Liberia, Haiti, and Nicaragua. (13″ x 19″ poster)

Sponsor-A-Refugee-Child VBS kit chart with stickers


Gives Syrian refugee children the opportunity to attend school. Every $50 supports a child’s education for a month, allowing their parents to use whatever meager income they might have on food, clothing, or shelter for their families.

Disaster Response Services VBS kit chart with stickers

Disaster Response Services 

Help people in the USA who lost their homes in a flood, tornado, wildfire, or other natural disaster. Rebuilding projects provide excellent opportunities for our volunteers to show God’s love. Your gifts can provide $28 for a gallon of paint, $189 for a door, or $232 for a window.

Water For The World chart with stickers

Water For The World

Each year many people die from using contaminated water. CAM provides funds to drill wells in communities that do not have access to clean drinking water.  Your gift of $50 helps provide one well.

Help-for-Orphans chart with stickers


Help children who don’t have parents to love and care for them. Donations provide food, clothing, medicines, and care for orphans in Liberia, Kenya, India, Nepal, and Haiti. $59 supports a child for a month.

Wheel Chair VBS kit


Disabled children and adults in Liberia, Haiti, Israel, and other countries are often neglected. You can make a difference in their lives. Each $100 provides one wheelchair.

Help-for-the-Elderly Chart with stickers


Gives parcels of food and healthcare items to elderly people in Ukraine, Liberia, Nicaragua, or other countries. Every $1.50 gives enough food to a needy grandpa or grandma for one day!

Syria Refugee Chart


Millions of Syrian refugees remain in desperate need of food and other essentials. A food parcel brings relief to them, especially families with growing children. Every $50 gives one food parcel to a refugee family.

Bible Stories for Children around the World


Many people in the world do not have a Bible of their own. Every $42.50 will provide 10 Bibles in areas where it is difficult to obtain a Bible.

Haiti School Program chart with stickers

Bible Stories

Children in many parts of the world have never heard about Jesus. CAM’s Bible story books bring the message of Jesus to children and adults who have never heard the stories of the Bible. $25 sends 10 Bible story books to children in other countries.

Seed Project Chart with stickers

Seed Project

In Romania and Ukraine, people often depend on their gardens for food. Quality seeds are in great demand. Every $25 gives enough seeds to raise one semi-truckload of vegetables!

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From the Mailbox

This is our second year of using one of your kits and we love it! The children seem to put more effort into bringing offering when they know where it’s going.

The posters and Bible were a great visual for my students. They really enjoyed working to send $$ for Bibles.

Our classroom enjoyed this incentive. Thanks for making something attractive and very doable for the classrooms.