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SALT is an acronym for Shared Accountability, Lending, and Teaching. This CAM program reaches out to impoverished people through microloans, savings groups, and agricultural programs. Our goal is to walk alongside clients, helping them use the resources God has placed in their care and teaching them the importance of following Jesus in everyday life.

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Check out our microfinance dashboard to see the impact your contributions are making through microloans and savings groups. SALT is operating in Haiti, Nicaragua, Ghana, Honduras, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Uganda.

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SALT uses four unique teaching models


Microloan Program

Many people in developing countries want to provide for themselves, but they lack start-up capital. The microloan program takes funding from the United States and issues small loans for clients to start or expand small businesses. Clients then repay the loans as their income increases. In this way, donations are recycled to help someone else.

Savings Groups

Savings Groups simply provide structure and teaching that helps a community work together to save money so clients can take out small loans. SALT savings groups help the poor to become the solution to their own financial problems. Savings groups provide structure and teaching to help clients work together to save money. As savings accumulate, clients can take out small loans to start or expand businesses or to help provide for their needs during hard times. More importantly, the ongoing Bible-based teaching has a profound impact on group members. In some of the places where SALT operates, people are hearing the Gospel for the first time at savings group meetings.

Agri-Plus Program

The Agri-Plus approach helps farmers identify their resources and implement sustainable farming practices. Many farmers in developing countries struggle with agricultural development. While most of them have adequate resources to improve their farming practices, they often lack the necessary training to make progress.

Vocational Schools

Our goal for SALT vocational schools is to help people in underdeveloped countries develop useful, practical skills. Utilizing these skills will help people work their way out of poverty, contribute to the needs of their communities, and employ others who may not have business ownership skills.

Our first vocational school opened in Ghana in September 2016. This school focuses on auto mechanics. Initially, three students were enrolled, but the count quickly grew to five. Each day begins with a Biblical lesson, followed by a technical lesson. The students spend the rest of the day putting to practice what they have learned through hands-on mechanic work.

Microloan program
Savings Groups
Agri-plus Program
Vocational Schools

SALT uses three unique teaching models

The Microloan program uses funding from donors to issue small loans to start or expand businesses. Savings Groups simply provide structure and teaching that helps a community work together to save money so clients can take out small loans. The Agri-Plus approach helps farmers identify their resources and implement sustainable farming practices.

Countries where Savings Groups operate

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Average member equity

Value of accumulated savings per member, including growth from loans and/or investments.

SALT updates and stories

How does the Salt microloan program help Haitians?

Many Haitians thought they couldn’t save money. That is, until they applied the practical teaching from SALT microloan meetings. Now, the realization that they are able to save is giving Haitians hope for the future. This hope gets them out of bed in the morning and...

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George the poultry farmer

George, a SALT microloan client and poultry farmer in Ghana, specializes in egg production. When some SALT staff members attended a microloan meeting in his village in rural Ghana, he led them up a hill to where he has his barns. One barn had about 500 laying hens...

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Savings group brings hope to Bangladashi family

Many parents across the globe are driven by a dream and hope to give their children more opportunities than they had themselves. But for more than 700 million people in the world who live on an income of less than $2 a day, it’s hard to accomplish that dream. Amolik...

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SALT Microfinance Solutions

Shohel and Taslima* from Bangladesh owned almost nothing. They had no land to grow crops. Their house was barely big enough to sleep in. And Shohel struggled to find a steady job, making it nearly impossible to support the family. When Taslima heard about the SALT...

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