SALT Microfinance Solutions


What does SALT provide?


Bible Teaching

Clients learn Biblical principles
for all areas of life.

Business Opportunities

Families find ways to
provide for themselves.

The Gift of Hope

People are finding a
sustainable path out of poverty.

How SALT helps


Savings groups

Savings Groups simply provide structure and teaching that helps a community work together to save money so clients can take out small loans.

Salt & Light

This aspect of the SALT program provides Bible-based financial teaching in the USA.

Vocational schools

Our goal for SALT vocational schools is to help people in underdeveloped countries develop useful, practical skills.


The microloan program takes funding from the United States and issues small loans for clients to start or expand small businesses.


The Agri-Plus approach helps farmers identify their resources and implement sustainable farming practices.



Countries where SALT is operating

Move cursor across countries for savings group information. Numbers reflect a 3-month average.


Average member equity

Value of accumulated savings per member, including growth from loans and/or investments.


Updates & Stories


Microloans, Bible lessons, and a way forward

My husband and I recently accompanied the SALT team to a microloan disbursement meeting in a poor neighborhood of Tipitapa, Nicaragua. This microloan group started when Juan, a man from this area, asked CAM for money for woodworking tools. Our staff told him why we don’t just hand out money and informed him about the SALT program. Inspired, Juan then helped to get a microloan group started.

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Bible-Based Teaching for Businesses

Win’s sewing business income was only enough to pay for her family’s daily food. But since joining a SALT savings group in Myanmar, she has learned to better manage her money and has even been able to save! Win used this money to buy a better sewing machine that is...

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“To feed my family, I had to go into debt”

Elijah is a small-scale farmer in Ghana, Africa. Before he became a SALT Agri-Plus member, it was difficult to provide for his family. He did not have a good way to store his grain, and insects and mice raided his food supply. “To feed my family, I had to go into debt,” he said.

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How can you help?


If you wish to help promote sustainability in developing countries through microloans, savings groups, agricultural programs, and Christ centered teaching, use the contribution form below.

Thank you for your support!

One-time Donation

Monthly Sponsorship

YES, I would like to give monthly gifts to fund microloans, savings groups, agricultural programs, and Christ-centered teaching.


Monthly Sponsorship

YES, I would like to give monthly gifts to help impoverished people learn to provide for themselves through SALT savings groups. I understand that $50 per month will pay the in-country costs for a group of 20-25 savings group members, the facilitator, travel expenses, manuals, and related expenses.




Monthly Sponsorship

Each monthly donation of $50 will enable five farmers to receive agricultural and Bible-based teaching.

The loans have helped my business, but the teaching has helped my life.