Urgent Needs

As we enter 2024, we hope to continue providing Bibles and New Testaments in various parts of the world. Millions of Bibles are in demand! We estimate that the Bibles provided in the next year will cost an average of $2.50 each. God bless you for helping to place Bibles into the hands of anxiously waiting people.

Thousands of people have died and millions are facing shortages of food, water, and vital supplies. The Ukraine crisis leaves more than half of the population struggling to find enough to eat. Though CAM is able to meet only a fraction of the needs, your support makes a big difference for many people.

One trial after the next has troubled the people of Afghanistan in the past several years. Since the Taliban came to power in 2021, the economy has crumbled, jobs are hard to find, and hunger is widespread. CAM works with trusted contacts to provide much-needed items like food, blankets, and winter clothing.

Each year we receive many requests for heating aid. Through our supporters’ gifts for the Warm-A- Family program, we provide heating resources in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, and other places. This includes firewood, coal, stoves, and funds to help pay heating bills. 

Millions of people worldwide face acute hunger in various countries.With food prices rising, people who already spend most of their income on food face even greater challenges. Through your support of the  World Hunger Fund, we are responding to the food crisis in various places around the globe.