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Hurricane Michael Updates

The devastation . . . is breathtaking. Electric poles are lying on the ground and miles of power lines, like snarled fishing line. Vehicles are huddled under fallen roofs or surrounded by debris, ready to be dug out and evaluated for damages. Trees are lying everywhere. Acres of trees are snapped in pieces. Roofs have gaping holes and siding has been shredded. Water, once taken for granted is rationed carefully. Food is appreciated like a small savings account.


From Ruin to Recovery

Water-damaged houses. Torn off roofs. Trees strewn across the yard. These sights leave many devastated homeowners with overwhelming questions: What steps should I take next? How will I clean this by myself?

Hurricane Michael,Hurricane Michael Devastated, Who is helping with Hurricane Michael, How to help with Hurricane Michael, Helping With Hurricane Michael

Record-Breaking Hurricane Michael Devastated Florida

Hurricane Michael roared ashore on Florida’s panhandle as a category 4 storm. In the final hours before landfall on October 10, the hurricane rapidly intensified. The catastrophic storm caught many by surprise. Winds of up to 155 mph obliterated houses, ripped off roofs, splintered trees, smashed power lines, and left homeowners reeling in the aftermath. In some places, entire blocks were nearly wiped out.

Rebuilding a Widows Home (Hurricane Maria)

Rebuilding a Widow’s Home in Puerto Rico

Mirana* will not soon forget the events of September 20, 2017. It was the day Hurricane Maria ripped across the island of Puerto Rico and destroyed her home. With few other options, Mirana collected pieces of wood and blocks from the rubble to build a tiny shelter for herself and her mentally challenged daughter. Before… Read more

Miller/Yoder Tragedy

Disaster Response Accident Update

On Tuesday, February 6, around 5:30 p.m., a volunteer work crew was returning to the Christian Aid Ministries Disaster Response base in Lumberton, North Carolina, when they were involved in a serious traffic accident. Two volunteers were killed and two others seriously injured.

Josiah Miller, age 47, and Kevin Yoder, age 18, died in the crash. Both were from the New Order Amish community in Hustonville, Kentucky. Josiah leaves behind his wife Susan and 10 children, 8 still at home…