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More than 1,400 lives are touched each week as our staff delivers precious containers of free, nutritious milk in Romania. Our vision for Milk-for-Many-Mouths is to have regular contact with forgotten people who live in remote and hard-to-reach areas. Recipients include desperately poor families, forgotten elderly people, and needy homes for the handicapped. “Who remembered… Read more


A Gift of Love for Forgotten Romanians

How would it be to live in such poverty that you anticipate the moment when someone will bring you just a few quarts of fresh milk? Ileana’s life is little more than a matter of survival. This 84-year-old widow lives alone, forsaken by her only daughter. She receives a monthly pension, but that averages out… Read more



Distributing free milk in Suceava, Romania, has given CAM an opportunity to minister to people with urgent needs and build ongoing relationships. Peter Gerber, our milk deliveryman, befriended this elderly woman (at left) who was living alone in appalling conditions, sleeping with a stick at night to beat off the rats. Through their contact, the… Read more