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“When the Lord speaks, I know He will do it”

When Hurricane Laura devastated the southern U.S. coast in August 2020, thousands of people lost their homes. Extreme winds demolished roofs and the driving rain that followed soaked unprotected interiors. In the following months, homeowners faced the tremendous task of rebuilding their destroyed homes. For many people this was an impossible job to do themselves, and the situation seemed hopeless. Among these people were Richard and Amy Williams*.

Richard and Amy have lived in Westlake, Louisiana, for many years. In 1991, Amy sensed God telling her that she would get a new house. “When the Lord speaks, I know He will do it,” she shared with a DRS staff member.

“When the Lord speaks, I know He will do it,”

After this experience, she and her husband began looking for a house, but to no avail. Finally, they realized that it needed to be in God’s timing rather than theirs. In spring of 2020, as Richard and Amy were getting up in years, Amy prayed again. She told God that, if possible, she would like to live in the new house too.

Then Hurricane Laura blasted ashore on August 27, 2020. Vicious winds of nearly 150 mph violently tore apart their roof, exposing the interior to the elements. The pouring rain soaked the drywall, flooring, and most of their possessions, leaving behind a tremendous mess. Their insurance, like most people in this area, did not pay nearly enough to hire a contractor to put their house back in livable conditions.

Richard & Amy’s house FROM START TO FINISH

Disaster Response Services

Disaster Response Services..

Disaster Response Services

When the Lord speaks

When CAM staff first met Richard and Amy, the roof was blown off the house and the interior drenched. The roof was tarped but the frequent Louisiana rains still found their way through the tarping. Rapid Response teams gutted the house down to the framing in preparation for DRS crews to rebuild it.

For a while Amy watched the progress on their house, but later decided she would wait to go in until it was finished. From before the drywall was installed until the house was ready for cabinets, Amy did not enter the house. You can only imagine the joy and excitement as she walked into their “new” house for the first time. Rather than being frustrated at the losses they have experienced, she is rejoicing in God’s faithfulness. She knew that one day they would have their new house, and by God’s timing, here it is, thirty years later!

Amy enjoyed coming to the weekly song service as often as she could, and the staff enjoyed her presence. If you were to stop by at their house, Amy would eagerly welcome you in and you could anticipate a good conversation that left you encouraged in the Lord.

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Cleanup and rebuilding projects require significant funding. If you wish to help support this work, please note the enclosed response coupon. In addition to Disaster Response Services, you can also contribute to Search & Rescue, Loaves & Fishes, or a Rapid Response team of your choice.

*Names changed to protect identity.