Research and cleanup from Hurricane Ian

CAM’s Rapid Response team continues their research and cleanup from Hurricane Ian in Florida. They are finding many of the tourist areas along the coastline completely devastated, but residential areas are mostly left with general damage. So far our team hasn’t seen any large areas with major destruction as they’ve seen from previous hurricanes. Many homes around Sarasota and Fort Myers have their branches cleaned up and roofs already tarped.

The river that overflowed in Arcadia is still causing flooding, so our team hasn’t been able to visit the area to see if there is a lot of damage. They are in contact with the local EMA director and hope to investigate needs once the waters recede.

At this time CAM doesn’t see the cleanup from Hurricane Ian developing into a large project. Our Rapid Response team will continue to clean up as needed and research Arcadia and other areas they haven’t been able to access yet.

Praise God that a large part of the storm went over swamp land and non-residential property!

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