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Introducing the Gospel to reindeer herders

CAM’s Bible story books are often used as simple introductions to the plan of salvation and God’s work in the lives of men. Our contacts in Russia request thousands of Bible story books to share in various parts of the former Soviet Union.

Numerous books are given to the Nenet people group in the far north regions of Siberia. This group traditionally herds reindeer as their source of food, shelter, and income. Reindeer are also an important spiritual symbol to the Nenet people. Their false religion also involves spiritual healers mediating with spirits.

We pray that these stories from God’s Word will stir a desire in the reindeer herders to leave the false religion of their fathers and turn to the one true God. Through the outreach work of Russian Christians, some Nenets have already decided to follow Jesus. Thank you, supporters, for enabling us to distribute Bible stories that introduce the Gospel to this isolated people group