aged Romanians, Christian Aid Ministries
Maria in Romania is a grateful recipient of Help-for-the-Elderly food parcels.

The elderly: Forget us not

Alone. Forgotten by family. Struggling to make ends meet. These words describe many aged Romanians.

Loneliness weighs heavily on such folks. In numerous cases, their children move to cities or other countries to find better jobs. Living alone in poor conditions makes it hard for the aged to imagine that anyone cares about them and their needs.

To these struggling and forgotten people, a monthly parcel of nutritious food is a great blessing. Visits from those who deliver the parcels brighten their lonely days.

CAM’s Help-for-the-Elderly monthly sponsorship provides:

A 25-pound food parcel
$10 cash or the equivalent in other aid
Whenever possible, a Christian family magazine

Ileana faithfully walks with the Lord Jesus. Years ago, her husband beat and abused her when she became a Christian. Life became even more difficult when Ileana’s husband died, leaving her a widow at forty-five years old. With God’s help she raised their nine children. Only one son stayed with his mother through the years, but last year he passed away. With her son gone, Ileana has no one to look after her needs. But the Lord always sustains her. The Help-for-the-Elderly parcel she receives reminds her that God’s people care.

Another recipient, Crezantina, faces numerous health issues requiring many medicines. It is difficult for her to pay for these medicines, along with heating and other costs. Even with her own health difficulties and struggling income, she tries to bless others by giving away eggs from her small flock of chickens. Crezantina was happy for our staff’s visit and thanked God for caring for her in her old age.

The Lord never forgets His own! Thank you, supporters, for remembering vulnerable and abandoned aged Romanians.