Myanmar War Victims Face Enormous Needs

Since February 2021, conflict has raged in Myanmar. This conflict began when the military overthrew the country’s leader, sparking violence across the nation. Since then, the military has repeatedly attacked Myanmar’s ethnic groups in hopes of driving them out of the country. Last year this unrest escalated when multiple armed groups joined forces to fight against the military.

As the violence spreads, innocent people in Myanmar are  caught in the middle. With the country’s unstable condition, jobs are scarce, supply chains are cut off, and food prices are rising. Thousands of desperate people are fleeing their homes, some to remote places in Myanmar, and others across the border into Bangladesh, Thailand, or other surrounding countries. Abandoned homes are often looted. Last month a military draft of all unmarried men ages 18 to 35 was announced, prompting many young men to flee the country.

With your support, we were able to help people suffering from this conflict in 2022 and 2023. This year, our staff and contacts are asking for assistance to provide food, medicines, 101 Favorite Stories from the Bible books, and other basic necessities to help meet some of the enormous needs.

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