grandmother, Christian Aid Ministries

Easing cries of hunger

Yatta, a sixty-six-year-old grandmother, lives in a remote area of Liberia. She cares for her abandoned grandchildren, since their mother rejected them and moved to another area. Yatta’s remaining children also left her to find jobs elsewhere.

Providing for a family in remote Liberia is not easy, especially for an elderly grandmother like Yatta. The food parcel she received through the International-Feed-A-Family program helped ease the struggle to feed her grandchildren.

Like Yatta, many parents in Liberia struggle to provide for their families. Some are blind or handicapped in some way and are unable to provide food for their families. A staff member in Liberia says, “An International-Feed-A-Family parcel makes all the difference to these parents when they can feed their family good nutritious food and do not need to hear their children cry at night because of hunger. They are very grateful.”