A New Pump for a New Man

Stalica in Romania was disappointed when he discovered that the water pump in his home lacked pressure because of a burned out motor. At one time he might have stolen money or taken someone else’s pump to fix the problem, but since Stalica recently began following the Lord, he  knew it was wrong to steal. However, after years of dishonesty, he found it difficult to support himself through honest means. 

Believers who were discipling Stalica heard about his dilemma. Using funds from the Jericho Road Program, they gave him a new water pump. Stalica was filled with gratitude to God, to those discipling him, and to the kind donors who made it easier for him to continue walking in integrity.

The Jericho Road Program meets needs in struggling Romanian communities, mostly among the Gypsies, through food parcels, Christian teaching, medical aid, and other assistance. To help these needy people, click the donate button to give a gift.