Glimpses of Kindness Through Practical Gifts

Kalila* felt helpless. Her husband paid little attention to the family’s needs, so she and her daughters were often left with little food and other essentials. This Yemeni mother yearned for simple things we often take for granted: towels, nail clippers, and other hygiene items.Desperate to meet her daughters’ basic needs, Kalila secretly went to a trusted friend, asking if she could do laundry for her and her neighbors for a small income. But her friend had no job opportunities. However, since her husband helped with aid distributions by CAM contacts, she was able to give Kalila several hygiene kits.“The overwhelming joy I experienced upon opening the [kit] and seeing its contents cannot be put into words,” Kalila exclaimed. “All I can say is that I glimpsed the kindness of a compassionate soul who understood our struggles.” We are grateful for the kits we receive but are facing a funding shortfall for shipping and distributing kits. If you wish to help with this, your support will be a blessing!

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