International Crisis Program

CAM desires to be a channel of hope and encouragement to crisis victims around the world. This program provides food, medicine, clothing, shelter, and other aid to those suffering from famine, war, and natural disasters.




Recent projects

Syria: The War That Doesn’t End

CAM provides food and other aid for the suffering Seven years of war have left Syria battered, and still the fighting continues. While the war’s intensity has ebbed and flowed, 2018 brought a marked increase in violence. During one skirmish in February, 500 people...

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Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Thousands in need of medical care and clean water Salim, 10 years old, sits beside his mother under a black tarp on a bumpy dirt slope. His face lights up with a smile as he talks about how he and his friends used to go to the hills and feed the cows back in Myanmar...

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An Uncertain Future for Syrian Refugees

Seven years ago the tiny country of Lebanon welcomed its first Syrian war refugees. Today, there are more than 1 million refugees there. And the war in Syria grinds on with no end in sight. In most cases, jobs aren’t available to these refugees, or it is illegal for...

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Hurricane Nate Victims Still in Soggy Dwellings

Hurricane Nate brought three days of torrential rain to the already-saturated ground in Nicaragua. Two months later, some poor families are still sleeping on wet mats in flimsy makeshift shelters because the rains haven’t allowed things to dry out. Some have developed...

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International Crisis Projects

Last updated: November 2017

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