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Every day thousands of children and adults in impoverished countries die from malnutrition and treatable sickness. Since 2007, the Save-A-Life program has rescued many from joining these statistics. In most cases, the sickness and malnutrition can be treated with nutritional items and proper medicines. The Save-A-Life program provides these life-saving items in Liberia, Nicaragua, Haiti, and various other countries. Sometimes the help arrives too late and disease and malnutrition have already claimed a life. But for hundreds of others, the nutrients and medicines give them a chance to survive.

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A gift of life

A gift of life

A staff member in Liberia shared, “For Favor, one week and a can of milk closed the door on death and gave her the gift of life.”

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Saving Precious Lives

In poverty-stricken parts of the world, the battle for life is real. Too often, malnutrition robs precious lives that God has given. Especially those of innocent children.