“I Really Should be Using My Time Better”

Jairo, his wife Jennifer, and their two young children live in the remote mountainous community of La Palma, Nicaragua, which is accessible only by foot. He teaches in the community school, while most of the local people make a living through agriculture or move elsewhere to find work.

When the SALT program was introduced in his village six years ago, Jairo decided to join. The SALT teachings helped change his view of life. “I used to have the attitude that after my school teaching was done, I can sit in the hammock and relax,” he said. “But recently, I realized I really should be using my time better.” After some thought, Jario decided to start a small business.

The lessons from SALT’s Small Business Handbook used in the savings group meetings guided Jairo as he made plans. The teaching helped him decide where to start, how to keep records, and how to manage a business. Combining his teaching wages and the $260 he and his family saved through the SALT Savings Group, Jairo started a little pulperia, or grocery store.

He began by buying clothes from the markets in the capital city of Managua and reselling them in his community. Shortly after that, he added more products and now has a variety of clothes, snacks, soap, machetes, and other goods. His store is located in the main room of their family home and is the only store in the community.

Jairo is grateful for the opportunities the SALT program brought into his life and looks forward to expanding his store even more. The savings group in La Palma now has 28 members. They saved approximately $2,500 in 2023. Praise the Lord for this growth!

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