Abandoned, Christian Aid Ministries

Abandoned but not forgotten!

Rhoda lived in Liberia and lost her legs due to diabetic complications. Her husband and son abandoned her. The only care she received was a meal and several visits each day from a considerate neighbor.

Rhoda’s smile brightened the dark room as she received her first Support-A-Widow food parcel. “This is God, this is good,” she testified.

Although the food parcel brightened her days, Rhoda spent many hours alone. She lost her joy for living and began harboring suicidal thoughts.

CAM staff members visited Rhoda again to pray with her. Another time they brought a wheelchair and took her outside for the first time in months. Rhoda’s spirits were boosted, knowing people still cared about her.

Sadly, Rhoda’s health continued declining and on December 14, 2021, she passed away. We thank God for the opportunity to show His love to Rhoda during her time on earth!

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