work in Russia, Christian Aid Ministries
Believers in Russia distributing New Testaments and other Christian literature.

God’s Word for Russia

Several groups of believers in Russia carry a burden to tell people about Jesus. They speak to people in remote villages and sing on busy city streets. After CAM provided New Testaments and Christian literature, one group shared, “Now we will not evangelize with empty hands.”

Church leaders tell how Christ’s power is changing lives. “In our services, there are always 20 to 25 homeless people, former drunkards, and drug addicts,” says a pastor. “Many of them take their first step when reading the Gospel of John booklet…”

Over the past few years, God’s blessing and help from our supporters have enabled us to support this work in Russia with New Testaments, Gospel of John booklets, and Bible story books. This year, we plan to provide 50,000 New Testaments and 50,000 n booklets. Thank you for your support!

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