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The Holy Bible: Alive, powerful, and life-changing

The Holy Bible—alive and powerful—is changing lives all over the world. In recent meetings with Bible distribution contacts, this was quite apparent. They shared stories of God working in miraculous ways to get His Word into the hands of anxiously waiting people. In many countries, there is a huge, ongoing hunger for Bibles and New Testaments as people seem to grow in their yearning to learn about Jesus.  

Unbelievers wonder, “Why are people willing to spend so much time and effort to distribute  a book?”  

The response from Bible distributors is simple: “The love of God reached me through His Word. I must spread this good news to others.”   

Please pray for:

  • Guidance and strength for those who send and distribute Bibles.
  • That God would encourage believers and draw unbelievers to Himself through Bibles and New Testaments.
  • Wisdom as we try to discern how to best respond to Bible requests.

Recently, when a box of Bibles arrived at the home of a Bible distributor, he carefully opened the box. As he pulled out the Bibles, he prayed, “May these Bibles reach the people who are to receive them. . . . Thank you, God, for these books!”  

He tenderly lifted more Bibles from the box, kissing them while he beamed with joy, overwhelmed by the precious contents. “This Book has saved my life and helped me stand up for my faith. Praise God.”  

He then told the man who had sent the Bibles, “Thank you, my brother. You have packed this beautifully . . . Praise God for the calling He has placed on your life. I love you. May God bless you and all the people who are in this with us.”  

This distributor’s prayer was for you—the generous supporters who stand with believers by helping to provide God’s precious Word.  

Over the years, CAM has been privileged to help provide Bibles in various locations. Many of the Bibles go to believers who have never had a Bible of their own. Some have prayed for many years that God would make a way to provide a Bible for them.   

Lord willing, 2023 will provide more opportunities to distribute Bibles and New Testaments around the world. Many millions of Bibles could be used. The need truly seems endless! If you wish to support this ongoing work through financial contributions or prayer, your support will be greatly appreciated. We estimate that the Bibles provided in the next year will cost an average of $4.50 each.   

“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I
sent it” (Isaiah 55:11).

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