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Miami, Florida

Loving hands of Jesus

Some of our billboards show a hand reaching out, portraying the welcoming heart of Jesus. However, we not only want our callers to see loving hands on a billboard, but we also want them to experience the loving hands of Jesus through caring believers who are willing to lend a listening ear and give encouragement from God’s Word.

One such caller experienced the loving hands of a local church after she called our toll-free number. Natalie* listened to a few sermons when she called the billboard number. Then she pressed zero to speak with a phone team member. Natalie wept as she poured out her heart.

“I want God,” she sobbed. “I want to be saved. But I don’t know if He wants me. I do drugs and alcohol.”

Our team member responded, “Yes, of course God loves you and wants you.”

When Natalie wondered what she should do, our phone team member told her to confess her sins to God in prayer and commit her whole life to Him.

“Right now?” Natalie asked with tears in her voice.

“Yes, right now,” replied our team member gently.

Natalie prayed, confessing her sins and her ungodly lifestyle. She also expressed her passionate desire for God to direct her life.

After Natalie had prayed, our team member was able to connect her with an Anabaptist church close by. One of the church families opened their home to Natalie until the church found help for her at a residential rehab center. The couple keeps in touch with Natalie and continues to show compassion to her.

Our phone team finds various ways to show Jesus’ care to callers. Sometimes they have the opportunity to direct them to an Anabaptist church where callers can experience the love of Jesus through other believers.

Pray that many more people across America would be rescued from a life of loneliness and sin to experience the loving hands of Jesus.