Haiti-Sponsor-A-Child School Program


A Heart to Learn and a Hot Meal

Bright, eager eyes filled with anticipation. Tender, impressionable minds easily molded. Lives ready to be lived to the fullest. This is what Haitian parents see when they look at their school-aged children. They long to equip their children to face the world’s challenges and give them the ability to read and write. But poverty intrudes…. Read more


Haiti-Sponsor-A-Child School Program

High in the mountains of northwest Haiti, the Bon Samaritain de Coucou (Good Samaritan School) begins another day of learning, as sunlight surrounds the open-air schoolroom. The building is made of mud-plastered sticks and tin, and students sit on roughly hewn benches. Many of these children’s parents can hardly afford tuition and school supplies, but… Read more