International Crisis

Haiti Political Crisis

Haiti Political Crisis Brings Hunger & Desperation

“There is no hope in this country,” says Stamene Moliere, a twenty-seven-year-old unemployed secretary in Les Cayes, Haiti. Millions of Haitians are in distress. For years the country has been trapped in cycles of political and economic dysfunction. But many Haitians say the current political crisis is worse than anything they have ever experienced. Those… Read more

Winter aid for refugees in Turkey

Winters in Turkey are cold and miserable for Syrian refugees who struggle to find jobs to support their families. Some refugees arrive in Turkey with absolutely nothing but the clothes on their backs. They find themselves crowded in tiny, damp apartments with no good way to escape the bone-chilling temperatures. Many cannot afford fuel or… Read more

Hurricane Dorian Devastates the Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian Devastates the Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian crashed into the Bahamas on September 1as a category 5 hurricane with winds of up to 185 mph. After making landfall, Dorian stalled over the islands but maintained severe winds for two days. The storm brought 30 inches of rain and a storm surge as high as 23 feet in some places. A… Read more