Paula’s husband left her, leaving the family with the struggle of putting food on the table. A bad case of arthritis hinders Paula’s work, but her handicapped daughter Rosa helps her. Though she is on crutches, Rosa washes clothes for people, which brings in about $4 a week.


Restoring Hope and Courage

Caught in the crossfire of Nicaragua’s civil war in the 1980s, Guillermo (above) got shot and lost his left leg. He could have become bitter about his handicap, but he chose not to. He now reaches out to others and pastors a church. Recently Guillermo and his wife Maria came home to find their house… Read more


102-Year-Old Receives CAM Food Parcel

Thank you, Lord, for my 100 years, says the sign above Alfredo. He sits in a yellow and green hammock strung across the open shelter made of rough boards and old tin. Behind him hangs a dark red embroidered blanket, partially hiding a lumpy mattress on cement blocks. Alfredo is 102 now. His wife Rufina… Read more


Living with Little

A heart disorder forces Meybi from Nicaragua to use some of her meager income to buy medication. This leaves very little money to buy food and clothing for herself and her four growing children. With an income of only $10 a week, Meybi has to plan carefully and make do with very little to survive…. Read more

Food Parcel, Distribution, Nicaragua


Mrs. Jarquin Narciso and her daughter walked 45 minutes to Los Ranchos, Nicaragua, to pick up their CAM food parcel. They are part of a hard-working family who farms for a living. However, in this area, the land is parched by drought, and the people have not had a good harvest for three years. Your gift… Read more

Family in Nicaragua


Along a muddy trail in Boaco, Nicaragua, live Lionzo and Julia Trujillo. Seven people, including their daughter, granddaughter, and several great-grandchildren, live with them in a small dirt-floor house. This family receives a food parcel from CAM every month. Julia, 84, is especially fond of CAM’s tender canned chicken. In fact, we were told she… Read more



Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America, surpassed only by Haiti. Poverty is especially prevalent in rural areas of Nicaragua. Many healthy, hardworking men and women struggle to provide for the most basic needs of their families. Through the Nicaragua-Adopt-A-Family program, CAM provides food for those who, despite their best efforts, have difficulty… Read more