Behind the Smiles

When we walked into the classrooms, we saw enthusiastic children with big smiles,” reported David Troyer, CAM General Director, who recently visited refugee schools in Lebanon. “But then the teachers told us the tragic stories behind those smiles, and I had to wonder if our children would be able to smile if they had faced… Read more


Sponsor-A-Refugee-Child School Program

Before fleeing Syria, refugee children and their families experienced horrific things. Some of them saw family members being brutally killed. Many lived through relentless bombing and the destruction of their homes. As a result, a lot of refugee children suffer emotional trauma. Christian schools in Lebanon that receive funds from CAM are a haven of… Read more

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Kalila’s* behavior changed completely after she started attending a Christian school in Lebanon. Before, she was one of the many Syrian refugee children left at home with nothing to do. During the day, her father went looking for work and her mother went looking for food or help. Not wanting to leave their children alone… Read more