Refugee Children

School—A haven for refugee children

Seven-year-old Akil’s* family used to own a farm in Syria; today, the family of seven lives in a small room in a neighboring country. Even though his family has little, Akil shares what he has. While attending a CAM-supported school for refugee children, Akil broke his pencil in two and gave his classmate, who had none, the second half.

“Akil is one of the most brilliant students in class,” shared his teacher. “I remember how shy he was in his first year. He had to stay in the same class for two years. This year, as a result of his hard work, he is the first in his class.”

Thanks to supporters, children like Akil can go to school, a small haven where refugee children feel at home, and where they can learn and
study again.

*Name changed to protect identity.