Denis’s wife Nadejda and three of their children.

“What Doesn’t Fit, We Give To Others”

“We’re always finding something useful in the clothing bags,” said Denis, a Moldovan father. He and his wife have four children, ages two to ten, with another child on the way. “What doesn’t fit, we give to others. There is a . . . center in our village where we take those clothes that don’t fit. [These clothes] do not sit idle.”

Denis is a hardworking father, but housing and winter expenses, combined with a lack of good jobs, make it hard to cover all his family’s needs. He is currently in Western Europe, doing short-term work to try to close some of these financial gaps. He hopes to return to Moldova soon and use some of the money he earned to build an addition to their old village home.

“May God repay the brothers who support this work,” Denis said. “We’ve had the joy of receiving, and we also know the joy that giving to others brings us. We rejoice both ways.”

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