Earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria
Earthquake damage in Turkey.

Earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria

Early in the morning on February 6, two earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria. The first earthquake’s 7.8 magnitude force collapsed buildings and shook houses in countries across the Middle East. Hours later, a second earthquake measuring 7.5 magnitude hit the same region.

At this time, more than 2,300 people have been confirmed dead, but the number is expected to rise. Workers are spending hours trying to reach people trapped under collapsed buildings. Snowfall and bitterly cold weather make these efforts even harder.

“It was bad!” reported a woman in Turkey. “We all went out . . . [with] no shoes, no coats, in the snow and pouring rain!” She continued, “The poor people trying to pull [others] out of the rubble are out in the pouring rain!”

The earthquake hit a region where thousands of Syrian refugees sought safety after they fled their homes during Syria’s civil war. Many refugees were sheltering in war-damaged houses or makeshift tents. Now they are left homeless again.

We are working with trusted contacts in the region to research needs and ways to help. One contact is reporting that some of the greatest needs are fuel, medicines, and food. Please pray for the people affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Pray also for wisdom for contacts and staff members as they seek ways to help.

At a glance

  • Two 7+ magnitude earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria.
  • More than 2,300 people are confirmed dead.
  • Cold weather adds to earthquake victims’ misery.

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