Thousands of Ukrainians struggle to find lasting jobs. Many are still recovering from the effects of communism even though the dictatorship fell nearly three
decades ago.

In 2018, Viktor and his wife started a small business of making cheese. They bought around 21 gallons of milk in one manufacturing cycle .* and his family used to survive on approximately $75 per month, less than many Americans make in one day. In 2018, he and his wife started a small business of making cheese. They bought around 21 gallons of milk in one manufacturing cycle to produce approximately 17 pounds of hard cheese.

Viktor and his wife wanted to enlarge their business so they could better provide for their family. But to do so, they needed to double their current production, which was beyond their ability. In 2019, CAM’s Family-Self-Support program provided funds for Viktor and his family to develop a larger business. With this money, they built a small shop and purchased a refrigerator, milk cooler, cheese forms, and other items.

Viktor’s business did well throughout the fall and winter of 2019. But then COVID-19 came, making it difficult for him to make sales. During this time, Viktor and his family are using the opportunity to share with those around them, especially members of their church. Viktor says, “I am very thankful that people were so kind to give money to help us start this business!”

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