Yemen War Crisis

The people in Yemen are silently starving

The people in Yemen need our help to overcome thirst and starvation. Yemen is a poverty-stricken country on the Arabian Peninsula that is being ravaged by war. Since the war in Yemen broke out in early 2015, thousands of people have died and millions are facing shortages of food, water, and vital supplies. More than half of the people of Yemen struggle to find enough to eat. Our goal is to distribute food and water to help people in this war-torn country.

The crisis began in early 2015 when a rebel group, known as the Houthis, seized control of part of the country and forced Yemen’s president to flee abroad. Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries began fighting the Houthis in an attempt to restore the government and ensure their continued influence in Yemen.

Since then, war has raged between the two sides. Constant airstrikes have left Yemen’s roads nearly impassable. Partial blockades of Yemen’s ports delay delivery of life-saving medicine. It is not uncommon for sick people to die en route to the hospital due to rough roads and blockades.

There are no official reports confirming how many people have died. The United Nations stopped updating the number of casualties more than two years ago, after 10,000 civilians had died. That number did not even include those who had died of disease and malnutrition.

Ways to Help People in Yemen

Help the people in Yemen who are suffering from thirst and starvation. Join us in our mission to distribute food and water to people in this war-torn country.


We hope you will join us in praying for the hurting families in Yemen and for peace in the war-torn country.

Yemeni father’s struggle, Christian Aid Ministries


We are distributing food parcels to feed people who are on the brink of starvation.

Water filtering systems, Christian Aid Ministries


We are putting water systems in place to help collect, store, and filter rainwater.

My house was destroyed and I left everything to escape the fighting. I struggled a lot to provide for my family’s basic needs, but your generous support made me realize there is still hope.

Help the people in Yemen

Millions face another year wondering if they will survive. Our goal is to continue to help desperate Yemenis with food, water, and other aid as funding is available. If you wish to support the work in war-torn Yemen, your contribution will be a huge blessing.

*This donation will go towards the Yemen war general fund