Buildings damaged in the Yemen war.

Tragedy Increases Needs of Yemeni Family 

Fatima’s* husband passed away a few months ago. His death significantly increased the suffering of this Yemeni family, who had already struggled from years of war and their country’s collapsing economy. Now Fatima is alone to care for her family of thirteen.

We are struggling without a breadwinner to support us, and the ongoing war has only exacerbated our hardships,” Fatima explained. “The house’s roof, made of mud and wood, is at risk of collapsing during the heavy rains. We are in need of renovations.”

Their small, makeshift house with three cramped rooms is far from secure and occasionally harbors scorpions and snakes. Along with her concern for decent shelter, Fatima lacks the means to feed and clothe her family properly.

“We scavenge for food and clothing, relying on leftovers and donations from people,” Fatima shared. “Sometimes we even resort to eating discarded items.”

To offer some practical assistance, our contacts provided Fatima’s family with a basket of food and hygiene items. This gift significantly relieved this mother’s burden of caring for her family’s everyday needs.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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