Caring About the Precious Unborn

Semira* was expecting her second child. She and her husband had immigrated to Israel from the African country of Eritrea, hoping for a better future. But even in Israel the couple struggled to make ends meet and didn’t know how they could provide for another child.

Semira found help at a crisis center for expectant mothers that CAM supports through Project Baby Moses. Supporters’ funds enable us to assist several centers in Israel that offer hope, counsel, and practical items like diapers, cribs, baby formula, clothing, and blankets. Many expectant mothers in
Israel wonder how they will support their unborn children. Some choose to end their baby’s life in
abortion. The help and counsel at these centers encourage mothers to choose life for their children.

Semira said the love and support from the center gave her strength to carry her baby to full term. When her son was born, she and her husband named him “Yona-El” which means “dove,” symbolizing
peace and hope. Yona-El celebrated his first birthday in April. His mother expressed deep gratitude for the generous help she received, enabling her to care for Yona-El. She gives a big thank you to her sponsor.

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