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Savings group meeting

Teaching, saving, and opportunity in Cambodia

Believers in the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, are using savings groups to minister in their community. The hand-to-mouth mindset and widespread poverty in this city make it difficult for many people to even think of saving money for the future. Savings groups provide opportunities for these individuals to receive practical teaching and save for possible future needs.

saving, Christian Aid Ministires
Garbage collectors

One savings group in Phnom Penh is comprised of garbage collectors, whom many people regard as the lowest class of society. Gathering and recycling trash for a living often leaves garbage collectors struggling to provide basic necessities. With a savings group, these people can learn to use their God-given resources and potential to better provide for their families. These groups also allow believers to share the Gospel with people who are rejected by much of society.

Savings groups in Phnom Penh proved to be an especially great blessing in recent months when the city issued strict lockdowns in response to COVID-19. These restrictions kept many day laborers at home with no way to earn an income. One savings group member said the instruction she and other members received at SALT meetings helped them better meet the needs of their households during the lockdowns, although they were not able to work.

From gambling to saving

Neang, a member of a Phnom Penh savings group, used to spend $10 to $20 USD each day on gambling. Afraid to trust others, she hesitated to join a savings group at first. But after observing a SALT meeting, Neang became one of the group. She proved to be a faithful member, attending every meeting and contributing to the group’s collective savings. She also listened attentively to the financial lessons and Biblical teaching. Today Neang shares, “Thank you, Jesus.” She wants to continue being a SALT member and coming to the weekly meetings for teaching.

We praise God for using the SALT savings groups in this city to spread His light. May the work continue for His glory!