Myia feeding their chickens.

SALT Member Starts Chicken Farm in Myanmar

When the Myanmar military overthrew the government in 2021, many people fled the ensuing violence.
Some hid in the forests while others moved to safer areas of the country. Among these were Dedan* and his wife Myia with their four children, who left their home with no hope of returning.

After relocating to the city of Yangon, Myanmar, Dedan joined a SALT Savings Group. He hoped the group would enable him to start a business and save money for his children’s schooling. With his savings and a loan from the savings group, Dedan was able to make a down payment on a small farm and start a business of raising poultry. He and SALT member starts chicken farm in Myanmar
Myia plan to expand their poultry business to include layers. Selling eggs will provide additional income.

Dedan says the teaching he received at the SALT meetings guided him in starting his business. He especially likes the lesson that teaches about the greatest opportunity every human has—the opportunity to know God.

Dedan appreciates all the SALT program has done for him and hopes it can continue to grow in the future. Please pray for Dedan and his family. Pray that the SALT program will continue to grow in Myanmar amid challenges.

*Names in this article are changed to protect privacy.

Savings group in Myanmar

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