Discipling Migrants at the Border

Cartel activity in Mexico, gang violence in Haiti, and economic despair in Venezuela are a few reasons
why more than a million people pack their bags each year with hopes of a better future in America. In 2021, CAM staff began ministering to migrants who awaited legal entry to the United States. This work was later handed off to conservative Anabaptist contacts in Commerce, Texas. They continue to hold Bible studies, teach English, and distribute Biblical literature with funding from CAM. Due to the migrants’ difficult experiences, they are often interested in Biblical teaching. For this reason, we see this
as a huge outreach opportunity.

One man told a CAM staff member that he left his home country of Honduras with a group of 100 migrants. As they trekked north through Guatemala and Mexico, their numbers began dwindling as some people developed blisters on their feet or became ill from contaminated water. Others were kidnapped by cartels or ran out of money and had to turn around. When he finally reached the border, this man looked around and counted only four people from his original group.

Since this work along the U.S./Mexico border appears to be a long-term opportunity for effective outreach, CAM has purchased the property that was rented for the past several years as a base of operations for this work.

U.S. Mexico Border 2

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