Food for a Widow and Her Children

Jumana* knows the pain of seeing the life she knew and loved be destroyed. “I used to live a happy life with my children in the city,” she said. “My husband worked as a daily wage earner . . . The war came and destroyed everything, and I lost my husband.”

With conflict all around them, Jumana fled with her seven children. Now the family lives in an old, cramped house. Besides a bit of assistance from her neighbors, 42-year-old Jumana is forced to provide for her family alone. “My children started selling ice cream in nearby villages, which earned us some money to buy a little food,” she said, “but it was not enough for a complete meal for the entire family.”

Once again Jumana’s life was changed, this time by the gift of food from CAM contacts. “We received a food [parcel] . . . which enabled us to have three meals a day,” Jumana said. She expressed her thanks to those who helped feed her family. As our contacts left her home, her children stood in the street and happily waved goodbye.

$100 provides 170 pounds of food and some cooking gas for needy people in Yemen, where millions are at risk of starvation.

*Name is changed to protect identity.

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