The War in Yemen, Christian Aid Ministries

The War in Yemen creates desperate needs

Adelmira* and her three children fled from their hometown to another city when the war in Yemen began to endanger their lives. Then hunger became their new threat, because it was difficult for them to afford food. At first, Adelmira was reluctant to admit their dire situation to our contacts. She hardly dared to believe they would keep their promise to help her. But when our contacts delivered flour, oil, and other staple foods, Adelmira said, “Thank you for giving this help to us. You kept your promise and we appreciate your effort and this charity work which helps many decrease their sufferings.”

CAM has been providing food, water tanks, hygiene items, and other aid to many people displaced from the war in Yemen. Thank you, supporters, for caring about the suffering people of this land!

*Name changed to protect identity.