The smiles of these South Sudanese men reflect their gratitude for the Bibles they received as a gift from CAM. Most homes in South Sudan have little to no reading material, so this precious Book is not taken lightly.

These men are fortunate to be able to read. Since the brutal war in South Sudan that lasted twenty-two years, the illiteracy rate is extremely high. As a way to share the Gospel with South Sudanese who cannot read, CAM also distributes audio Bibles. A CAM staff member shared, “[Audio Bibles] have a high impact . . . in many cases, everyone in a village gathers around to listen to it together.”

CAM also helps provide training for national leaders to memorize Bible stories to share God’s Word with South Sudanese who cannot read.

Pray that the people of this war-torn country would come to know the Prince of Peace!

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