Gifting Storage Barns to Build the Kingdom

Amos leaned against the shop door, flipping through a stack of mini barn order forms.
The breeze wafted in through the open door, rustling his papers and stirring the smell of fresh-cut pine studs. As he listened with satisfaction to the popping of air nailers, bits of conversation between a worker and a customer drifted his way. “Yeah, since I started donating my grain directly to CAM Foundation instead of selling it and giving the money, I’d never go back.”

“Are the tax advantages that good?”

“They’re worth capturing for sure, but honestly, I just really like to see my crops going to fund Kingdom work. There is something satisfying about knowing my donated load of corn will help feed or clothe somebody in deep need.”

It’s all fine for you, Amos thought, looking at the order forms again. But how am I supposed to make a grain donation when my product is mini barns? In the distance, the air nailers stopped popping and he could hear the good-natured talk of his workers as they walked in for their break.

I wonder, he thought, looking down at the thick stack of order forms in his hands. I wonder if there is a way for me to do the same thing with mini barns? It took only one phone call to find out.

“Yes, sure,” he was told. “We have clients who donate mini barns much like commodity donations. Do you have one customer who buys a lot from you? Because we can sell to anybody, we can set up with them as the seller and invoice the buyer for the product you donate to us. Then you’d get the benefit of the product donation and you can still direct your money to whatever CAM program you desire or even back to your church community.”

That’s a lot of flexibility, Amos thought, nodding to himself. “Yes, okay,” he heard himself say. “That sounds great. How do we get that process started?”


TO LEARN MORE about gifting storage barns, grain, equipment, livestock, and other non-cash assets, contact CAM Foundation at 330.893.4915 or You can also visit CAM Foundation’s website.