Answers about God, Christian Aid Ministries
Emerson, Georgia

Searching for answers about God

In America, people’s hearts are hardening to the truth. Multitudes of Americans rarely hear about the Gospel. Many don’t have a Bible or other Biblical literature. As a result, the people of our country are quickly drifting away from the awareness of God. In the confusion of life, millions of souls are lost and are constantly searching for truth and answers about God.

Calling out with gospel billboards

CAM has posted Gospel messages in cities and along interstates and major highways across the United States to remind people of God and His truth. Each year, tens of thousands call our toll-free number. They are searching for answers about God, the Bible, and life issues. Each call we receive is a special opportunity to witness! Callers can choose to speak to a phone team member or listen to short sermons that coincide with our billboard messages.

The average American spends fifty minutes traveling to and from work each day, affording quality time to think. Gospel messages on billboards provide opportunities to direct travelers’ thoughts to God. Please  pray that the messages on these billboards would convict seeking souls and point them toward our loving heavenly Father.

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