Bibles for the World


The people of Younlay Town, Liberia, know very little of what it means to follow Jesus. “Even church leaders participate in activities of the dark world,” reports a CAM staff member in Liberia. “They desperately need Jesus. If we can get the Word of God into as many hands as possible, there is a greater chance of making a difference in Younlay Town.” Although a Bible only costs about $10 in Liberia, it is unaffordable for most of the population.


Bringing Jesus to the Maasai

An African tribe, known as the Maasai, has been living as nomads in a remote part of Kenya for centuries. This tribe has little connection with the outside world and is steeped in traditional beliefs and spiritual darkness. Drunkenness, witchcraft, and child marriage are common. Wanting to bring Jesus to this tribe, CAM staff in… Read more


Bringing Good Tidings of Great Joy

The shepherds rejoiced more than 2,000 years ago when they heard the exciting news that Jesus, the Savior, was born! This news brought great hope to their souls. Today, many people around the world still rejoice when they hear the story of Jesus. For some, CAM’s Bible story book is the first step in their… Read more


“That the World May Know”

Every child should know the love of God. Every heart should experience the depth of Christ’s mercy. But how will they learn about these things? Without God’s Word, millions will never know the Way of Life. Our goal through the Bibles-for-the World program is that men, women, and children around the globe will discover the… Read more