Deadly tornadoes, Christian Aid Ministries
Fallen trees and other debris caused a widespread power outage in Seneca, South Carolina.

Deadly tornadoes hit southern states

Deadly tornadoes began sweeping across southern United States on Easter Sunday. The storm system hit central Texas before traveling east and affecting at least seven other states. The 60-plus tornadoes claimed around 30 lives and destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses.

Deadly tornadoes, Christian Aid Ministries
Tornado destruction

CAM’s Rapid Response teams are cleaning up storm damage in the following areas.

Chattanooga, Tennessee:

The Tennessee Rapid Response team is cleaning up debris in Chattanooga, a project they estimate will take around a week to complete. Chaplains are coming alongside the teams to minister to homeowners.

Seneca, South Carolina:

The North/South Carolina team is working in Seneca where fallen trees and other debris caused a widespread power outage. The Rapid Response generator trailer was brought to the area so the local people can keep things running in their homes.

Deadly tornadoes, Christian Aid Minsitries
Seneca, South Carolina
Deadly tornadoes, Christian Aid Ministries
Seneca, South Carolina
Macon and Taylorsville, Mississippi:

A number of farms in the Macon and Taylorsville areas received extensive damage. The Mississippi Rapid Response team is assisting with cleanup work for several days.

Waynesboro, Georgia:

The Georgia team began cleaning up in Waynesboro yesterday and will complete the job today.

Pray for those who suffered enormous losses from the storms. Many were already out of jobs from the Coronavirus pandemic. Now some have lost almost everything they owned. Pray that our teams would be an encouragement to those dealing with the aftermath of the crisis.