Having a church near a CAM base in other countries opens spiritual opportunities in the community and benefits our field staff. CAM financially supports conservative Anabaptist church-planting efforts in Haiti, Romania, and Liberia.

A CAM staff member told of a scene he witnessed at a communion service in Liberia. “It was touching to watch as the members partook of the symbols together and then washed each other’s feet,” he shared. “Two blind brethren took part, each leading the other to the front, and their hands guided by another as they took the bread and the cup and then knelt to wash feet.”

Another brother at this communion service was confined to a wheelchair and unable to remove his own shoes. With the gentle assistance of other members, he took part as well.

Despite the various backgrounds represented by these church members in Liberia, they are now united into one family by the grace of God, and are excited about serving Him by serving others.

In Romania, the CAM-sponsored church hosts ten days of Bible studies each summer for youth in the surrounding communities. These ten days spent studying God’s Word provide an excellent way to help mold young lives for service in His kingdom.

Thank you, supporters, for investing in these churches to make courageous soldiers for Christ. Pray for these congregations to remain faithful in their walk with the Lord.

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