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Questions and answers with India contacts

We recently asked some of our contacts in India to provide an update on the economic fallout of COVID-19. Following are a few of our questions and excerpts from their responses.

Are you still hearing of active lockdowns?

Lockdowns are still widespread in India. Many states have weekend lockdowns or night curfews. With that said, we are starting to hear about small gatherings beginning to take place across India.

Do you hear of continued needs related to lack of employment?

Absolutely. For the common person, the situation remains dire. If we can imagine a warzone, the daily lives of the local people continue to be disrupted in every way even after the bombs have been detonated. Similarly, families have suffered so much loss, and it will take a very long time to recover. Extreme hunger is a reality for many. The need for any seasonal resources like school supplies, blankets, mosquito nets, etc. has been foregone for the sake of food.

For poverty-stricken day laborers, is the situation improving compared to several months ago?

For some, work opportunities are returning. However, many families have suffered extreme loss over the past months and it will take considerable time to regain any semblance of stability. Many industries continue to be hindered because of the long period of economic decimation.