in Myanmar

Tragedy & hunger in Myanmar

Stories of fear and loss abound in Myanmar. Millions of people could tell of fleeing in terror when armed groups stormed their towns and villages, setting their houses, farms, and businesses ablaze. They could recount their sorrow from losing loved ones to tragic deaths. “We have been living in the uncertainty of life,” shared a church leader. “Shooting, bombing, killing, and setting houses on fire is happening throughout the country. Food and fuel prices are soaring day after day.”

Multitudes of people in Myanmar find themselves trapped between warring parties. Thousands have died. Hundreds of thousands more are fleeing the unrest in their communities and seeking shelter in forests and other hiding places.

Myanmar’s history is dotted with hardship and unrest. Its people have experienced decades of hardline military rule, violence between ethnic groups, limited interaction with the outside world, and widespread poverty. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has also taken a toll on the country. Lockdowns leave thousands of people unemployed and the economy severely damaged.

Now, many people in Myanmar have nowhere to go. Some are displaced time and again as the fighting moves to new areas. Others cross into neighboring countries for safety. Flimsy tents on the banks of the Moei River, which separates Myanmar and Thailand, are becoming home to thousands of refugees.

The future of Myanmar and its people looks grim. Many displaced people have little more than the clothes on their backs.

It seems like much of the world has forgotten Myanmar. Why would foreign powers worry about a country that has struggled with unrest throughout much of its history? But native Christians view the tragedy in Myanmar as an opportunity to help those in need, even as they face their own hardships. One Christian testified, “Our Lord is the real answer.”

The church in Myanmar is seeking to encourage displaced Christians by providing essentials like food. Helping to provide necessities in a time of crisis allows the church to explain the message of Jesus to unbelievers. Myanmar has remained largely closed to the Gospel for many years, so this open door is a special opportunity.

In response to the unrest, CAM is working to supply funds to purchase rice, a staple in the Myanmar diet, for affected families. When possible, rice is purchased and distributed. But in most circumstances, it is only safe to provide funds that desperate families can use to purchase rice. Some funds will be used to supply cooking utensils and other much-needed aid. Most of the assistance is going to suffering Christians. Our budget for this project is $1.5 million.

We will continue to research other needs and opportunities in Myanmar. If you would like to help, your support will be a blessing to suffering people in this war-weary country. May God bless you!

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