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Help for neighbors in need

Project Good Samaritan helps our poverty-stricken neighbors in need cope with their pressing burdens that arise from medical emergencies, house fires, or other unexpected crises. The program operates mostly in countries where CAM has ongoing projects or field staff. 

 Introducing a few recipients 

Middle East  

Ahmed* is 42 years old and has diabetes and hypertension. He helps his elderly parents with their expenses, on top of caring for his own family. With $287, CAM purchased medications for Ahmed’s treatment. 


Florica’s husband abandoned his wife and six children, leaving them without a breadwinner. The family lives in a house with no kitchen. We provided $639 to help buy some building materials to expand their home. 


Jeremiah faces various health issues. He is bedridden and occasionally develops bedsores. CAM provided a special mattress to help prevent bedsores and assisted with medical testing. 

 *Name is changed to protect identity.

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