small business, Christian Aid Ministries
Kalith and Narmeen are pleased with their new business of selling ice cream.

Helping Kalith provide for his family

Kalith* and his wife Narmeen joined a SALT savings group in their rural Bangladeshi village. The teaching they received prompted them to begin a small business to provide for them and their two sons. With a small loan from their savings group, Kalith and Narmeen bought a used bicycle, an icebox, and a loudspeaker system. Kalith now travels from village to village, selling ice cream and earning enough to cover his family’s needs.

Kalith previously worked as a rickshaw operator in a larger city since their rural village held few job opportunities. Unhappy with the long periods of time spent away from his family, Kalith moved back to their village. He is grateful for the opportunity to join the SALT savings group. Now Kalith and his wife have their own business, and can provide for their family together.

*Names in this article are changed to protect identities.