hoping for peace, Christian Aid Ministries
Recipients with CAM food boxes.

Ukrainians hoping for peace

“Hope dies last,” a CAM contact shared. “I see it again and again—people who lost so much, but still keep hoping. . . . hoping for peace, for the light of sunrise, and for a new life.”

A gesture of kindness or a small gift often ignites renewed hope in the heart of Ukrainians. The compassion of supporters enables CAM to provide encouragement and hope in the form of aid to people enduring the long conflict. Here are some ways we reach out:


Three years ago this diabetic man needed to amputate his leg. He and his wife are one of many who were blessed with firewood at a difficult time. Firewood is scarce in Ukraine, and CAM was able to give bundles of it to hundreds of families this winter.

hoping for peace, Christian Aid Ministries

Pasta and tea:

A church in Zaporizhia receives pasta, tea, and other food from CAM to distribute to approximately 2,000 people each month. This church, like many others that we help, shares the hope of Christ through a preaching service before every distribution.

hoping for peace, Christian Aid Ministries


Truck loads of cabbage were delivered to churches in the Eastern part of the country to further distribute to refugees or other people who couldn’t have a garden last summer because of the war.

hoping for peace, Christian Aid Ministries


After planting spiritual seeds through preaching, this church near the front lines provided garden seeds to local Ukrainians, many of whom were unbelievers. Multiple churches near that front lines are giving out seeds that CAM packaged and delivered.

hoping for peace, Christian Aid Ministries

Bibles/Christian literature:

God’s truth shines the brightest in the darkest of times, providing vast opportunities to share Bibles and Christian literature. The peace of Christ invites many unbelievers to accept a Bible or Christian literature. Some believers also cherish a gifted Bible after losing theirs in a demolished home or leaving it behind when fleeing to a safer area.

hoping for peace, Christian Aid Ministries

Food parcels:

Refugees from several areas came to this church in Odessa oblast where they received food parcels and heard preaching from God’s Word. Many churches in Ukraine regularly hold services and distribute food from CAM.

hoping for peace, Christian Aid Ministries


Comforters and blankets are distributed to many refugees who sleep on the floor or in damp, cold conditions. These recipients are believers from Bakhmut who needed to leave their homes. Almost the entire church from their area moved to Dnipro and is living in a church house.

hoping for peace, Christian Aid Ministries

In 2014, the Bakhmut church received refugees following an invasion and provided aid with CAM’s help. Now, eight years later, they are the refugees and receive CAM assistance through the Dnipro church.

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